Digital Modernization

Data Intelligence

Enterprise Integration

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AI & Machine Learning

Leveraging machine learning algorithms to enable data driven decision making.

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Enabling the journey from Data Transformation to Operational Transformation.

Agile Software Delivery

Using repeatable SDLC process for predictable outcomes, while effectively managing risk.

Enterprise Applications

Service Oriented Architecture to integrate anything, anywhere leveraging microservices.

IT Modernization

Simplify user experience; implement Cloud Migration and leverage Cloud services.

Low Code Development

Bringing the future of application development to you by quickly developing scalable business applications.



At Allwyn, we are constantly breaking through barriers of existing thinking and driving towards innovative research and concepts by working closely with academia. Our goal is to help organizations start with data transformation and drive towards operational transformation, using analytics and Artificial Intelligence.  We are here to help you derive answers to key questions in your organization and to assist you in leveraging data to be your differentiator.

We enable our customers to start their journey from data transformation and achieve operational transformation.


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