Product Engineering

We simplify, automate and optimize the end-to-end software product development process from Ideation – Architecture – Design – Development – Testing to delivery.

We use an Agile approach which helps in accelerating value delivery through continuous feedback ensuring that value is maximized across the lifecycle and development process. Some of the more refined approaches in Agile methodology which our team applies as per the requirements of the project are Scrum, Kanban and LEAN Agile.

Our resources specialize in the following technologies:

Frontend technologies and leading UI frameworks

  • HTML5 ;CSS3 ;Angular JS
  • Bootstrap
  • Ext JS
  • Scripting Languages
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery

Backend Languages and server-side development platforms

  • J2EE, Spring, Hibernate
  • AWS Technology Stack (Glue, Data Pipeline, EC2, RDS and more)
  • LAMP stack
  • .NET
  • Ruby On Rails


DevOps team helps to scale up and manage the infrastructure needs with minimum downtime and outages. The team is adept at performing various tasks such as:

  • Provisioning of New Virtual Machines
  • Configuration of Network Devices and Servers
  • Application Deployment
  • Collection and Aggregation of Logs
  • Performance Monitoring of Services, Networks, and Applications
  • Alerting and Automatic Remediation of Issues
  • Server and Service Availability Monitoring

Lets Deliver Together

However challenging the problem or bold the idea is. You can trust us to get it done