Welcome to Allwyn Corporation’s Family Day 2023! We invite you to relive the excitement of this unforgettable event held on May 20th at the Dulles Golf Club & Sports in VA. Our Family Day brought together the Allwyn Corporation family creating a vibrant and joyful atmosphere and an opportunity for us to meet our colleagues and their families.

It was truly delightful to watch the kids enjoy the moon-bounce while a talented balloon twister brought smiles to their faces as they watched balloon sculptures take shape before their eyes.

Both adults and children enjoyed a fusion menu – Indian and Italian and eagerly participated in the lively musical chairs game, adding a touch of friendly competition to the event. The afternoon kicked off on a high note with great music and an engaging Trivia quiz that tested everyone’s knowledge and sparked friendly banter.

Congratulations to the winners of exciting prizes which included Apple Air Pods, a Barcelona (restaurant) gift card and others!

We would like to express our gratitude to all the Allwynites and their families who made this 20th Anniversary event so special. Stay tuned for more exciting events and gatherings as we continue to celebrate the spirit of togetherness…