Blockchain – Internet of Information to value

Trust is critical for business. Today, we trust banks to hold our money, eCommerce companies to deliver the products we buy online, and payment platforms to protect our transactions from fraud or misappropriation.

Ever wondered that if you had the right connections in bank, you could end up finding out lot of critical information about people whom you want to target or in general sense get a lot of important pre hand information about the person’s / companies financials. Even worse these banks and middle men are few and big  and if chaos has to be injected in the society, all it requires is a team of hackers or a group of corrupt people in the organization to act in bad faith and our value, specifically money in this case is in trouble.

What if we could mathematically embed trust into the very nature of transactional activities?

People are essentially trying to develop solutions to solve these kind of inherent problems  and  this is the genesis of block chain.

Welcome to Blockchain!

Blockchain is a distributed (decentralized) digital network that enables the exchange of value or the ability to confidently share data—including financial assets and contracts—in a secure environment .By design, blockchain builds trust into every transaction and shared data source, enabling greater security, cost efficiency and optimized reconciliation processes.

Block chain will enable value to be exchanged as quickly as information without any intermediaries. Information is travelling around the world with a blink of an eye however a single payment from one country to another is still relatively slow, expensive and unreliable. Even today a typical international payment takes 3-5 days to settle and there is a cost that you have to pay to the intermediaries i.e the banks involved to discharge the transcation.Worldwide, there are million dollar worth of cross-border payments made every year.

With the Internet of Value, a value transaction such as a foreign currency payment, can happen instantly without involving the intermediaries, just as how people have been sharing words, images and videos online for decades. And it’s not just money. The Internet of Value will enable the exchange of any asset that is of value to someone, including stocks, votes, contracts, music etc. The transfer is validated, time stamped and completed instantly. At last value will be able to move around the world as information does. The implications of this technology is mind numbing.

The World Economic Forum has predicted that, by 2027, 10 percent of global GDP is likely to be stored on block chain platforms.

We at Allwyn, recognize the potential of this technology and we are following the developments in this technology gearing our resources to take advantages of it as it enters mainstream of business.

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Things You Need To Research Before Investing In PMS

Investing in property management software is an important and time taking decision and it’s going to hurt real bad if you made a choice of the wrong one!!

If you’re like most property managers, you’ll rely on property management software to run your business efficiently. The software program will undoubtedly be a significant part of your daily operations and the investment is not one to be taken lightly.

But with several options out there, how do you know the perfect software for your business?

To assist you in your search for the suitable property management software, we’ve suggested these key things to research before you invest in a Property Management Software.

Plans for Development

Think of how you intend to develop the property management business. If you’re acquiring property management software in the initial stage of your company, consider options that are designed to handle new clients/business as you acquire more properties later on. In the same manner, contemplate on how you’ll be adding to your portfolio. Most software companies bill per unit, while some charge per concurrent user (the number of users accessing the software program at a time). If your units will increase much faster than your staff strength, then evaluate the true total cost of both options.

Inquire on how the Software Works

A quick shift in mindset can go a long way in helping you make the right choice. For instance, inquiring how the software manages any given function rather than simply asking if it can or not, enables you as a new user to have a much better understanding of the software’s features and functionality. Several software companies provide similar functionalities, but they’re not all the same in the way you perform each task. Ensure that your property management software can upload, organize, and download crucial documents of your property under predefined categories.


Whenever you acquire a software program off the shelf, it’s going to have some pre-defined functionalities. The question now is, how much room do you have to modify the system to your needs and business process? Whether it is possible for you to create custom-made categories, depending on your preference and place your documents accordingly. You can actually label documents with related websites, for quick information access and even save notes associated with the document. Software companies who have acquired outside service providers, instead of developing programs themselves may require a complex process to modify because several modules have already been piecemealed together. Search for software provider who is actively developing the software on their own and providing you with updates and latest features regularly.

Software Security

When thinking about investing in certain PMS software, it is important to study how confidential customer information will be secured and if it prevents illegal access to company computer systems and databases. The product needs to be perfect for setting specific limitations to ensure that only duly authorized employees to have the permission to access sensitive data.

Ease of Use

You will find a plethora of software’s promising to be the right one to manage your property. Most of them will have a lot of features and cumbersome applications which will deliver often more information that is required. A house is the most expensive and complex thing most of us will ever purchase so make sure you don’t end up spending time and money on something that further complicates managing the same. Look for property management software that’s really easy to use and intuitive.

Managing real estate business will never be the same when you have the ideal software package that is very crucial in developing your business. Every property management software program is built to simplify management operations resulting to providing improved services, increases your income and saving your time.

Whether you’re just getting started or planning to switch from your present provider, these key things will help you pick the right property management software and ensure you’re making the perfect decision to back your business.

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